Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1st Day of Kindergarten!!!

Today was Elaina's first day of kindergarten! She was so excited! She has been asking about this day since December, when preschool ended. So it was great that it was finally here. I was going to drive her the first day but she insisted that she wanted to go on the bus. So I let her, and she loved it! She was so excited to drive to school with her friends and not have to wear a seat belt. Her favorite part of school was recess and she learned the about the letter M. She says that her teacher was wearing a yellow dress and that she thinks her teacher is Belle. And that Belle changed her hair color to yellow. Having met her teacher, her teacher really is a real life princess. She has the look and the voice. Perfect for Elaina! I was so worried that we had made the wrong decision about keeping her in the public school instead of taking the spot in the local Charter school. But when I met her teacher my worries were instantly dissolved.
So did I cry? No. I knew that I wouldn't. I was so excited for her. When she was in preschool it was so much fun having her come home and tell me all that she had learned. So I was excited for that again. I know that this means that my baby is growing up. But for me, I feel like she did so much growing up and changing this summer with all her new little friends, that we already went through the "my baby's growing up" phase.
Ready to Go!

Do you think they missed her? They stared out the window for a long time. When a car would pass Austin would say, "Is that Elaina? No, just a car." So cute!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Pictures

So, we took family pictures a while ago and then we recently took Elaina's 5 year pictures. I haven't posted any yet because Adam's still editing them, but here are a couple.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Black Donuts

Elaina has been having a lot of nightmares lately. So, the other morning she was telling us about them and then Austin told us he had a nightmare too. He started to tell us about it and it went something like this. He said (in a shakey voice), "I had a nightmare. I had two black donuts but one had red sprinkles on it." Then he got kind of emotional and said, "And the other had red stuff in the middle." At this point Austin did his wail of a cry. It was so funny. If you don't know already, Austin LOVES chocolate cover donuts. But, with nothing else to them.
So, today, a couple of days later, Adam had to run to the store early and so he picked up donuts. He found a black donut with red sprinkles AND red filling! So, Austin, all excited for a donut, gets handed this one. It was so funny. He was so disappointed and said, " No, not that one." Adam talked him into taking a bite, assuring him that there was nothing inside. Austin bit into the red filling and immediately slammed it down on the table and said, "I said not that one." He was pretty upset until Adam got him his real black donut.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Austin!

Austin turned 3 today! For Austin's birthday we went to the splash pad by our house. The kids had a lot of fun there. Then later in the evening we went to Austin's favorite place, Kangaroo Zoo. He is such a little daredevil! He loves to get on the top of the slides and jump down the slides. Good luck keeping up with him. An hour and a half into the fun he was still running in between each of the blowups with no slowing down. Austin was a little weary of turning 3 because he said that "2 is just too cool," but I think he's finding that 3 feels pretty cool too. We love our little man!

 Ford loved it too. He was so excited about everything!Leave it to Elaina to pose when when she notices the camera. 

My Little Buddy is 3!

Happy Birthday, Austin! We love you so much and are so glad that you are a part of our family! Look how much you've grown and changed! You are such a special boy!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Austin's Party

Austin's one lucky boy! He's Grandma/pa D'Agostini and Dante and Tyler came over tonight to help us celebrate Austin turning 3. He got some pretty cool presents and had to play with all of them right away. Later, we had some yummy apple crisp because it's yummier then cake.